Frat Boy and Toppy - Anne Tenino

MEH. I am in the minority here; it seems I am not a fan. I was attracted by the title and plot (frat, closeted jock and a nerd, outed TA? I am in) but turns out not what I was hoping for.

For starters, the MC are not likeable. Brad, the jock, after being with his hot TA, **spoilers** happily accepts a blowjob from one of his friends. Because a guy cannot say no. But it ruined the romance for me. **end of spoilers** They jumped into sex minutes after talking, practically. And "Sebastian" (sorry, that is not a Sebastian. He was a "Chris", a "John" maybe. But NOT a Sebastian) had a bad habit of saying "yeah?" in every phrase. I never felt that Brad was a jock... and the other one, a nerd.

Sorry, I could not believe their so-love. It was all physical attraction. I hate when the relationship is based on the physical side only; they barely talk. At least for us readers, because they supposed talk in bed all morning. Hah, they barely know each other.

And then, that end... MEH. Predictable and corny.

At least I kind of like the other characters, like Brad's friends and his ex. Only problem, I don't remember their names, so seems like I did not like them that much **shrugs**