Rescued (Rescued Hearts #1) - Felice Stevens

Well, that was sappy, to say the least. I wouldn't say it was boring, but it was incredibly corny. Their declaration of love, their dirty talk, their personal issues... they all had me rolling my eyes. Ryder and Jason were OK characters, and also Mark (Jason's younger brother) but all the rest were so 2-dimensional. Exes were super-bitchy/mean (Ryder's ex-bfs were jerks; Jason's ex-gr was a total bitch.. and they were together for 7 years!); Emma and Connor were the nicest of friends; Ryder's mother was the meanest of the world, etc.

And literally, all of them cried at some point. All of them. There was too much "emotions" for me.

But I did feel sad for Ryder. It must be hard for a gay guy to fall in love and then, this love turns his back saying "it was all for fun" and marry then a girl. No wonder Ryder has his doubts at the beginning (although Jason wasn't gay for him... he got to 2nd base in college with some guy). Besides that, most of the times I could not differentiate Jason from Ryder.

Oh, and all the thing with the dogs.. it was all secondary. I thought I would have a nice, sweet romance involving dogs but instead, I got a melodramatic, over-sweet, eye-rolling insta-love. And than end... my, how corny.