The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

This book bored me to tears. I thought it was a bit funny considering the high reviews. The main reason of my intense dislike for this book is Meghan, the supposed "heroine" (note the use of bold, underline and italic text to emphasize this title).

Let me introduce this girl, I have several nicknames for her:

- Meghan "Tomorrow Is My Birthday, No One Will Remember It, Boo-hoo" Chase

- Meghan "The Hot Jock At School Played A Silly, Childish Prank On Me In The Cafeteria And I Left Bawling, Dying Of Embarrassment" Chase

- Meghan "I Looked Identical To My Hot Mom; Only She Is A Total Babe, While I Am Plain Blondie, With Big Baby Blue Eyes And Skinny Legs" Chase

- Meghan "Every Time Somethings Exciting/Dangerous Happens, I Have To Faint" Chase (Literally, she spends half of the book unconscious...)

- Meghan "I Am Also A Cry-Baby" Chase (...while, literally, she spends the other half part crying).

- Meghan "Turns Out, My Father Is The Great Oberon, And Everybody Wants To Kill Me. Everybody" Chase

- Meghan "I Can't Make A Single Good Decision; I Keep Making Deals With The Wrong People" Chase

- Meghan "I Am TSTL And My Allies Have To Keep Saving Me" Chase.

- Meghan "I Have Never Imagine My Best Friend (Truth Is, I Have Known Him Forever, But I Don't Know Anything About Him) Was In Love With Me" Chase

- Meghan "I Fell For The Devastatingly Handsome Prince Ash... We Talked Like Twice, But I Love Him" Chase

I guess Nevernever is an interesting place, but I wasn't hooked. It wasn't something I did not read/watch beforehand. Not even the magical cat could save this book. There are a lot of characters, a lot of creatures... it was like the author wanted to put them all together to make it more exciting (?) but in reality, I can not remember one from the other. Not a single character was unforgettable or even likeable.

But Meghan takes the crown. No doubt about it.