Smart Girls Get What They Want - Sarah Strohmeyer

WOW, smart girls that are actually smart, not because the author is telling us. It was such a fun book. I loved the three main characters: Bea, Neerja and Gigi. They were believable nerdy, and I loved that sometimes I could not understand a thing they were saying. Like when Gigi was talking with Mike about chemical elements, or when Gigi was describing ski. I mean, the author is a real nerd or what! Her taste in Literature was excellent (and original, not the typical Classics some authors loooove to include in their nerdy books, like **ehem** Pride and Prejudice, but some unpredictable ones, like Isabel Allende!), and although I am an ignorant when it comes to Bollywood, Gigi likes to watch them which I thought was excellent.

So a big plus: the author really sold me the idea of these nerdy girls.

Besides, I loved all the school dramas. Like Gigi and Mike getting "caught" cheating, and the injustice at school. Or the poor guy who was banned from being a student rep because he was holding a beer can in a party. The campaign to be a student rep. The drama class. I mean, everything! I was such a fun and light school book.

And best of all, the friendship. These girls were such a good friends, the best. Their motto was "Sisters before Misters". Their loyalty was the base of their friendship. And Sienna and Henry and Mike were great friends as well. And that Mike was a "closet intellectual" was so funny.

Neerja and Gigi have their crushes on handsome, shallow boys, but because both of them are smart, they realized this pretty quick and ended up with the nicest boys.