Black Butler, Vol. 19 - Tomo Kimura, Yana Toboso

Ohhh... lots of feelings in this volume.

Chapter 88: a green witch with bound feet. Poor girl. I loved to see Ciel so embarrassed, although I don’t like that he was put in sexual situations -that girl has a perv mind ha!. And Sebastian cooking

Chapter 89: Sebastian crying Sebastian melting

Chapter 90: Ciel remembering his past. And can't have Sebastian near.. or any other adult. He can rely in Finny only, who also has a dark story. Poor Finny! He loves his Master.

Chapter 91: Lucky little witch, despite it all. She has Sebastian as a butler until Ciel gets better. And she is an apt pupil in Sebastian's lessons. The staff is not happy, but Tanaka-san knows better.

Chapter 92: Sebastian in a dilemma... do they leave or not??

Seems like the werewolves were real. The mystery is not even close to get solved. Our duo is apart because Ciel is suffering and Sebastian can't go near him. The art is as good as ever... (Sebastian's hands! my little fetish)