Gravity's Got Nothing on You - Zosofi

I love Sterek. They may not be my OTP, but they are tied with Merthur in the 2nd place.

Stiles and Derek are frenemies. Because he lied to his sister, Derek asks (hires) Stiles to be his fake boyfriend. Maybe a plot that has been used and over-used in romantic books, but it never fails. All people (family, friends) sensed their chemistry over the years, so everyone is happy. Except these two guys. At first =)

I was -still am- a bit reluctant to read paranormal Sterek. I know Derek is a werewolf, but I like the slice-of-life better. Fortunately, here this factor is a point in favor. Derek with his super sense of smell and hearing. It may be a bit stalker-ish, but Stiles knows it and he is barely bothered about it. Also, one of the things I don't like in Paranormal romances is that there is always an alpha who likes to claim "he/she is mine", behaves like a caveman and there is always problems within or outside the clan. Which does not happen here at all, thank God.

It includes also a bit of magic, a grumpy Derek but Stiles remains as nerdy and so him, as ever.