A Little Something Different - Sandy   Hall

The best word to describe this book is kawaii. Everything is cute, from the cover to the plot; from how it is narrated to who are the narrators.

I would say that this book is like Yxxxx. I know he is handsome; I understand why people like him; but I find him flat and stiff, and honestly, not that handsome; therefore, I am not a fan.

Just like this book. Unfortunately it did not work for me. The things that should be endearing, like people rooting for Lea and Gabe, for example. It was OK when they were their friends and family, but other people like the Professor or the bus driver... that was creepy and meddlesome in my opinion. The POV of the squirrel was the lamest and most ridiculous, it did not contribute in anything to the story (yeah, it was supposed to be "cute"... but it wasn't). The bench was supposed to be funny, but it was a perv (a bench that considers a butt nice?)

There is no chemistry between Lea and Gabe. Their moments together were awkward (and not only because Gabe has issues) and only because they look "cute" together and have random coincidences in their daily life did not mean they were "meant to be" together.

The stereotyped characters, like Danny and Hillary. Hmmph. Honestly I was kind of rooting for Hillary. Why everybody was against her, only because she was "in the middle"? The Professor was the worst of all. Totally unethical and pathetic. And maybe because there were so many POV (14! in total) but there was really no difference between Gabe's brother and his friend's POV.

Needless to say I did not connect to any of the characters, especially with Gabe and Lea's "love story". The only original thing is that it is narrated from 14 different POV. But besides that, it is a forgettable book. .