What Is Hidden - Lauren Skidmore

I thought about hiding my entire review due spoilers, but, hello, the entire book screams "so obvious" and "predictable!", so I wouldn't actually spoil anything.

The world created may be new, but it did not work for me. All people use masks, and instead of finding it exotic, I thought it was creepy and ridiculous. The plot takes place in Venesia, a place which is a mix between Venice and Japan, but again, it did not work. Two cultures totally different, and Western people with a Japanese name, or the Lacies.. meh.

I should create another shelf, "fooled-by-the-cover" (it is gorgeous!). I did not even read what it was about. Turns out, it is another Cinderella-retelling. This kind of plot either works wonderfully or turns into a major failure (you either love Cinderella or hate her for being The Victim). And unfortunately it did not work here. Evie was ok-ish.. I did not hate her, but it was hard to like her since the very beginning. Her father is murdered and she barely mourns him. She gets a mark by the Chameleon on her face, with a hot iron, and she barely flinches. I mean, her face was burned with a hot iron, which must be one of the most hurtful things ever, and she acts like a robot! But my major problem was Aiden.

Aiden, one of the most boring heroes I've ever read. He is a stalker very protective of Evie, kind of alpha, and has numerous roles in this story: best friend, protector, Godmother, Prince... and he loves to laugh/chuckle/grin/smile/etc. His conversations with Evie were full of laugh/chuckle/grin/smile/etc. but honestly, their conversations were boring. And his behavior towards the end, when Evie tells him her secret was unforgivable.