Fairy Bad Day - Amanda Ashby

It is supposed to be an YA book, but it is written like it is for a younger audience. The funny parts may be funny for teens; the romantic part may be romantic for teens; the mystery as not a mystery; the magic part... MEH. All was very conveniently done and was so predictable.

Emma is 15 years old, but she behaves like a little brat. When the Principal tells her that she won't be a dragon-slayer, but a fairy one, she throws a tantrum. Then she decides she hates Curtis with all her guts (the guy who become a dragon-slayer instead of her). Errr, what are you, a 12-year-old brat? No matter if the poor guy is nice, or that he tries to be her friend. She hates him **eye-roll. And if the poor guy did not know something, she was "what? you did not know that blah blah blah? Seriously?" with such an air of know-it-all.

And although Curtis is the dragon slayer, he spends the entire book in crutches. Pretty useless.

The end just made me sure that Emma was the silliest of all (and she is supposed to be so smart...). The Principal offers her to be a dragon slayer, but she declines. She wants to be a fairy slayer.

What a moron, after all her tantrums.