Out in the Open  - A.J. Truman

After all the reviews saying "awesome!", "so cute!", etc., I was expecting more. It was a light, fast, sometimes-fun reading, but nothing much. I liked the background characters more, like Lorna, Sahil, even Jessica (being all stern about frat parties). At the beginning I thought Ethan was going to be an adorable nerd, but I was let down.

The good:

- A nerdy, awkward gay guy, and a nice, not-out jock hooking up.
- Ethan getting out of his shell, of his comfort zone, once he meets Greg and befriends Lorna.
- The hook-ups in public places.
- The frat parties seemed fun.

The not-good:

- Greg. I mean, as a friend, classmate, etc., he is a sweetheart. I liked that he loves to banter with Ethan, always with a smirk on his face. And that he sees that Ethan is worth of better friends. But once they start hooking up, it is more like one-sided thing, and Greg always at the receiving end. And I know that coming out is hard, etc., etc., but he was a real bitch with Ethan in front of his friend. And as soon as they were alone, he went all "puppy-eyes" asking for forgiveness. There was a moment where I wished Ethan leave him to hook up with Preston.

- It is not a G4U story, but a "coming out the closet".

- Very convenient the thing with Preston.

- The first kiss happens after the first half part of the story. And there are not enough kisses (Greg does not want to get "too attached").

- It was not as fluffy as I was hoping. Funny, but not too funny. Cute-ish but not enough. A bit romantic, but how could it be if there are not enough kisses?