Geek Girl - Cindy C. Bennett
I am a sucker for stories where opposites attract; especially where the guy is a dork/geek/nerd and the girl is a bad-ass. This book is really cute for about half of it: Jen is a goth bad girl who falls for the "geek" Trevor. It is sweet how, while trying to convert him into a bad boy, Jen is the one who turns into a good girl. Her life has not been easy; she lives with a foster family and has learned not to trust people. That is, until she meets and falls for Trevor, who is the nicest guy ever. Or like Jen likes to say over, and over, and OVER AGAIN, a "geek, polite dork".

What I am not a fan is of stories where there is a wager involved: A makes a bet with her/his friends, about X reason where B is involved; with time, A falls in love with B, wants to confess but can't; and eventually, B learns the truth, is hurt, cannot trust A anymore (even though it is obvious in a million of ways that A truly loves B) and they get separated.

Which happens in Geek Girl.

Which I thought it wouldn't, because Trevor is such a nice guy (OK, he is, but he let me down with this behavior). And going out with the mouse, to make things worse.

Overall, starts good, cute-ish, but then it turns more dramatic and predictable. And the good characters (i.e., Trevor) turns to be MEH.