Fury - Shirley Marr

The story alternates between the present and the past: Eliza at the police station narrating what happened before the murder and what lead them (her and her best friends Lexi, Marianne and Ella) to commit the crime.

It was hard for me to get into the story. Most of it was a mix between Gossip Girl and Mean Girls in my head. It takes plot in an elite school, everyone is polish and snob. Everything is about people being rich, labeled clothes, etc. Eliza was similar to Blair Waldorf: she dresses nicely, she is a spoiled, selfish brat, she has mummy issues, she is a bit mean. Her friends are like Serena van der Woodsen (beautiful and confident Marianne; beautiful and really nice Lexi); and the new girl in town, Ella, is somewhat like Jenny (?). Her relationship with Marianne is strange: they are BFF but at the same time, rivals.. both of them want to be the leader, and because Blair Eliza is the one, she won't let go of her role and says hurtful things and makes silly decisions.

Eliza has a rival in the form of Regina George; blond, mean, with a hot boyfriend and a replaceable BFF. So, nothing exciting in my opinion; I was more interested in what happened that made the girls kill someone, and who that someone was. But Eliza loves to talk in riddles, and she goes around the bush and never clarifies anything. The Doctor assigned to the case had to have a lot of patience to get her trust and get some of the truth.


When it finally comes, I was disappointed. The subjects it touches are dark and polemic and sad [**spoiler: rape and suicide**], but the book did not have an impact on me. Maybe because it was from the POV of Eliza, who wasn't a very sensitive person? And I wanted the murder to be more... something. Hello, we are talking about [**spoiler: a jerk who raped one of the girls, and who is happy with his life and no one at school blames him. In fact, the girls are the ones to become a pariah, and the jerk even threatens them every time they are alone. I was expecting the murder to be in cold blood, or more revengeful or something... (the guy deserved it) but in reality, it was an accident only. And Neil coming out of nowhere... meh.**]