A Bride's Story, Vol. 6 - Kaoru Mori

Amir's family (father, brother and cousin) form an alliance with Baltan, in exchange of Amir as a wife. They attack Amir's village, but Azel changes sides in the middle of the battle.

These siblings are spectacular. I think I am without words when it comes to Amir, it is not enough to praise her, it is a must to read it (and isn't she the cutest when she is worried for Karluk? True, she needs to stop to treat him like a child -he is, but he is also her husband- but it is sweet nevertheless). And her brother Azel is not behind. He has to be one of the most ridiculously handsome guys in a manga ever.

How is this manga not one of the best sellers in beyond me. There are 6 volumes translated only (as far as I know, only 6 were released, cuz the mangaka takes hours to work on this; she is very meticulous in her art and in the story).