Secrets, Skin and Leather - Sean Michael

Level of heat:

Main characters: Dillon, as the Dom; Scott "Dal" Daly, as the Sub... and a lot of sex toys.

Words that describe this book: intense and erotic.

Summary: the beginning is a bit foggy. Dillon is an important lawyer (?), meets prude Scott Daly in a meeting. But one night, he encounters the real Dal in a club. Dillon plans a meeting, exposes Dal and they have a 3-day-marathon of sex. After that, they are apart for almost 2 months, due business. Then Dillon plans 2 weeks alone in his beach-house, where they again have a marathon of sex. One night someone finds out about Dal's true identity; he runs away to Greece; Dillon hires a detective to find him. Dillon travels to Greece; they have a marathon of sex, they confess their true feelings for each other and then have sex again.

My final thoughts: hmmm, can we say that it is the "too-much-sex"? (not that I did not enjoy them!) It was never repetitive, and their chemistry together was steamy and never cheesy. Dillon was very alpha; possessive and, let's face it, OBSESSED, with Dal. He was always touching him, stroking him, biting him, kissing him, marking him. It was very intense. There are a lot of licking, pinching, sucking, nibbling... I literally had to take a break after every sex-marathon and read another less intense book. And just when you think they would also take a break, and I don't know, talk or eat, round number XX was starting.

They could not even eat. Dal had to be in Dillon's lap or Dillon wanted to feed Dal mouth to mouth. Seriously?? They could not leave the bed at all; and if it was shower... damn, another round O_O car? hmph, another marathon O_O

There were times when I did not know if it was Dillon's hands or Dal's mouth... it was confusing. Who was caressing who?? The ending was disappointing... as if the author was no longer inspired. Who were these people? (Baxter?? and the twins and **scratching head** I don't have the slightest idea). I imagine they were for a sequel, but they are introduced so randomly it was MEH.

Thankfully the BDSM aspect is more arousing than painful. For Dal, I mean (because having your nipples pierced... or having that cock-wand (?) or the rubber glove... etc., etc.). Dal also has a tattoo and a couple of rings that drive Dillon crazy. And I have to admit that Dal in a corset was **nosebleed** awesome (never read a mm book with this kink before).

Not much talking, but I was expecting that (although I was still hoping for it). My first Sean Michael book, and not my last, I hope. Because every once in a while, I do want to read a GOOD smutty mm romance, and this book was... omg, excellent in that area.