A Bride's Story 2 - Kaoru Mori, 森 薫

Amir's family want her back to marry her to another more powerful man, since she is not pregnant (and I hope she won't be for at least another 4 years!). It was sweet to see how the people in her new village fight against her family to keep her. And Karluk does not stay still; he defends his wife, making Amir look at him with different eyes. Their relationship is so sweet, theme looking at each other alone is awwww.

Amir makes a new friend, Pariya, who is a tsundere; she can't find any partner because she speaks her mind. And another new character is Tileke, a girl who likes hawks. The volume ends with the departure of the foreign guy, Mr. Smith.

My thoughts about this volume were, mostly, "OMG, THIS IS GORGEOUS!". The embroidery... so many details. The animals... these horses! The hands... the little notebook Mr Smith has to make notes about this village... And Pariya's hair!

But it is not only about the (amazing) art; the mangaka describes the customs of this community life and its inhabitants; it is very exotic.

I am in love with this manga.