A Bride's Story 1 - Kaoru Mori, 森 薫

WOW, this manga is a work of art, I am not kidding. Kaoru Mori has to be one of the most talented mangaka ever. Every time I turned the page I thought "OMG, this is beautiful". The details of the clothes (Turkish), of the landscape, of the carved wood.. how many hours did the mangaka work on every frame? And the people is beautiful as well, especially Amir, the MC (and her clothes! )

This is the story of Amir, an independent, young woman of 20-years-old who marries a boy of 12 of a near village and moves out with him and his family. Her husband, Karluk, is a sweet, mature boy who admires her very much but who also seems in awe with this older and taller bride. Both of them care for each other and their relationship is sweet and clean. I like the story and the other characters, like the Grandma, the old man, the little children; and even Amir's older brother, who is as beautiful as she is.

No idea why it is considered as seinen (to me, it seems josei, but well). Highly recommended, I am reading this online but I will buy the paper book; that cover alone should be framed. Amazing artwork AND story.