The Pirate's Wish - Cassandra Rose Clarke

The sequel of The Assassin's Curse, and it seems, the last one? Is it really a duology? I bet there will be once more... So, my thoughts:

What I liked:

- The manticore. I love dragons in a fantasy book, and the manticore is a similar magical animal. I liked that she was fierce but that she liked Ananna. And she was a good tool for battles.
- The cover! It is as gorgeous as the first one.
- Marjani. She was a brave pirate, and I appreciate that nowadays authors like to have a gay character among the main ones.

(These 3 points saved the book from having a 1 star)

What I hated:

- Ananna. WOW, what a 180º change. I liked her in the first book, but ugh, I could not stand her in this one at all! What is more obnoxious than a spoiled girl in love? Let me tell you.. a spoiled girl in love who was rejected. Was Naji's fault that he did not love her back? I understand that she is hurt, but that was not a reason to behave like a rude, angry little brat. She did not care if staying far from him hurt him; she considered hanging him over to the villains a couple of times; she flirted back with other men only to make Naji jealous; she was rude, she was annoying and immature when she could not have him; then she gets her whim, but again they have to be apart and she stomps her feet and the tantrum begins! While the romance is not a main factor in "The Assassin's Curse", it is a huge and bothersome factor in here.

- Naji: hah! I never believed his love for Ananna, not once, why would he? He was confused only because they had a connection (or his celibacy tricked him). Ananna, dear, please take him someday to Leila and you will see you will cease to exist for him. Or maybe it was a pain to be in the company of such a spoiled brat, he just wanted to shut her up and live in peace. Or maybe he just gave up (honestly, he was not a great warrior). I did not care for him, but at the same time, I kind of pity him for having to be with the annoying Ananna.

I pretty much dislike this sequel, all because of Ananna and Naji. I started getting more than bored with the whole shark-creation, which was totally out of nowhere.