Sand Chronicles, Vol. 1 - Hinako Ashihara

This manga is categorized as shoujo, but it focuses on many more adult themes, like divorce, depression, suicide, infidelity.

It is a nice slice of life, with funny and sweet moments, and other more obscure. Ann moves out with her mother to a little town where her grandma lives. She meets Daigo, and other people of around her age and makes new friends. That is basically the plot. After Ann goes thru a traumatic experience, she has the support of her new friends. She also goes thru a physical problem, which is resolved at the end of this volume (she does not get her period for almost 2 years, but once she does, it gets very gory... is that possible? THAT much amount of flow? I wonder).

The artwork reminded a little bit to Love.Com, so I can say it was nice (I love However, I would have passed the romantic part. I thought it was going to be more about friends, but -not surprised here- Ann falls in love. And what is worst -and made me decide to just leave it here- is that there is a love triangle. The story begins when Ann is getting married and she has a flashback of her teenage years, which is what the story is about. I pretty much can guess who the husband-in-the-future is going to be.