The Dark Angels: With Wings - Z. Allora

He was very attractive. Some might say almost pretty, not that Darius was much of a judge when it came to male beauty. Angel likes to use make-up and paint his nails in black, he is a hell of handsome singer and loves to do fanservice on stage. Very similar to someone I idolize...

The story seemed to have been written by a teenager. It felt like a fanfic most of the times. Their dialogs... the reason of why Darius and Angel had to travel alone to Bali... their miscommunication. It is, without a doubt, a PWP. Sometimes it bordered on cheesiness. For example, I like when my heroes cry for a valid and good reasons. But Darius was just too sensible sometimes and shed tears for whatever reason.

Also, I get that he is straight. But with his thoughts of "I want to kiss him", "I want to suck him off", "he is so beautiful", blah, blah, followed by a "but I am not gay" was not only annoying but also ridiculous.

The other gay couple was corny. I could not stand them (Josh and Robin). Yeah, ok, all the of the other members were nice, etc., but I could not warmed towards them. And whenever one of them "blushed" or was overprotective was pathetic. They were all over the top, even Dusty. And Meghan, being a "yaoi fan" **eye-roll**

Their make-up scene was ridiculous. If there is one thing I can't stand is fanservice between members of the same band. They were practically having sex on stage. Ugh. But the lyrics were kind of nice, at least.

To summarize, the story was badly written, more lust than love and not enough of friendship (they are supposed to be BFF but I did not buy it. They understand each other only when it comes to sex). I love rock stars + g4u mm romances, but this was not it.

But I have to admit that the book was pretty hot, and because of the steamy (and many, MANY) scenes, I added half star to my final rating.