Falling for the Ghost of You - Nicole Christie

** spoiler alert ** I laughed several times with Violet's thoughts and behavior; I was practically in love with her from the very beginning. Her reactions around Hot Guy, a.k.a, Zane, were hilarious. The way she describes him, he is the most handsome guy in the world. So of course, the most handsome guy in the world (to me) that was pictured as Zane was:

Zane is not Japanese, but still...

I enjoyed their chemistry although I am against man-whores. Which Zane is. Violet has to move with him for a month, while her mother and his father are having a premature honeymoon, so she witnesses the presence of different girls every night. I wonder if Violet would have been so condescending if Zane wasn't such a hottie...

Anyway, they start going out, blah, blah, blah, all very nice. Then turns out he has been hiding a huge secret from her, she misinterprets, yadda, yadda. Sadly predictable. She is hurt, she thinks he has been using her, etc. I wonder, how could she never have guessed he was the popular actor/singer/idol? I mean, if I have been dating Kame (cutie boy in the picture), I would have known the instant I met him it was him. Supposedly Aiden Cross (his celebrity personality) is her favorite singer. And she never saw the resemblance??? The lame excuse of "he died his hair; he had contact glasses" is ridiculous. ALL actors and idols change their looks, but us fans (and sometimes, non-fans) can recognize them.

And that ending... Ugh. Just no. They are, what, 18 and 21? I guess it was the perfect ending for a younger audience... which I am not.

Summary: around 75%, very good. Funny, romantic, etc. Then it turns very angsty, and finally, corny. Going downhill. Booo.

Note aside: I was happy when one of the old ladies was telling Violet her adventures in Paraguay! My country is never ever mentioned, except perhaps in stories concerning drugs, smuggling, etc, so it was a nice surprise! XD