A Date with the Other Side - Erin McCarthy
Plot of the book: Haunted house tour guide Shelby Tucker gets hot and bothered when she stumbles upon sexy, naked Boston McNamara. She knows he's no ghost, though he does makes her weak in the knees..

My plot would be: a tour guide divorcee girl has the hots for the workaholic guy who currently resides her Granma's house. She constantly has to “squeeze her thighs” and he is happy to stare at her bra-less breasts and super-short shorts (where he can always catch a glimpse of her panties). And the ghosts? Either trying to matchmake this couple or creating boring fuss.

More than romance it is a lusty relationship. They getting jealous and whatever made my eye rolled. To be honest, I had more fun staring at the cover than reading the book.