Loving Jay - Renae Kaye

It was hard not to have the androgynous model Andrej(a) Pejic while reading this. All mornings when Liam takes the train (setting: Perth, Australia.. I love Aussie settings now!) he eagerly waits for a glimpse of the flamboyant Jay. They have never spoken, Liam does not know his true name, but he is mesmerized by this gorgeous guy. Although he is not gay. It was funny at first, but he repeats it over and over again. Obviously he is in denial, but still. He has been with a couple of guys in college, but he still has doubts about his sexuality.

Once Liam and Jay start talking they become friends very quickly. It was so easy to like these two characters. Liam is a sweetheart when it comes to Jay; he is so enchanted with Jay's personality, looks and voice. He is also very protective, and I loved that scene with the bullies. That made me love Liam. All he did, without thinking, acting by impulse and in spite of having an injured leg.

On the other hand, Jay may be the typical extravagant, rather feminine gay guy, but his personality was sparkly. It is the kind of guy I love to meet in real life; he talks non-stop, he is very sure of himself, and is just happy with life.

The story is not angsty at all; it is light with some funny parts. The only drama is Liam struggling to come out of the closet. Not that people who is close to him would reject him because of that. Except maybe his dad (which is his main concern), who is a bigot against homosexuality. But his three brothers, his best friend, his sisters-in-law and his mother assure him constantly that it would be OK for them if he is gay (although he is not! the poor guy keeps trying).

I think it is impossible NOT to like Liam and Jay. Jay and his verbal diarrhea, and Liam so protective of Jay. The only tiny thing I can't accept is the use of endearment of "babe"... and both of them also use "man", like: "don't worry, man". Which is not romantic AT ALL. Man **sneer**