I love, love to read (books, e-books, fanfics, manga). Besides books, I love my Kindle, HEA stories, Harry Potter, anything related to Japan and Disney.

Neko Ramen: Hey! Order Up!

Neko Ramen: Hey! Order Up! - Kenji Sonishi So ridiculous is funny. I love yonkoma manga it seems.

Jeeves Y El Espiritu Feudal

Jeeves y el espíritu feudal - P.G. Wodehouse Not my favorite in the series (that would be [b:Right Ho, Jeeves|9850375|Right Ho, Jeeves (Jeeves, #6)|P.G. Wodehouse||2168123] and/or [b:Carry on, Jeeves|16387|Carry on, Jeeves (Jeeves, #3)|P.G. Wodehouse||883903]) but it is my first Jeeves paperbook (which I purchased only to lend it to people who reads, because honestly, more people should read it) and I did laugh most of the times (when Bertie asked Jeeves to repeat that tongue-twister was hilarious). I hope this is the end of Florence and Stilton... as much as I love Bertie getting tangled into unwanted love relationships, Florence is frivolous and so volatile when it comes to "love" (yesterday she loved Stilton, today she is engaged to Bertie, tomorrow is another guy) and Stilton is a poor ass. On the other hand, the aunts are so funny (their expressions when they refer to Bertie!); both Aunt Dahlia and Aunt Agatha, who is not part of this book, but somehow she, as well as Anatole, are always present; and Bertie with that mustache is genius. How he can be so busy and have so many adventures when all he does is play darts, smoke a cigar and getting drunk is a mystery to me XD

Punkt der Umkehr

Punkt der Umkehr - Hinako Takanaga Wow, no dub-con in this one! For that alone should be a 5 stars manga... there is also a lot of feelings, since this is about a struggling depressed writer who meets a happy, optimistic college boy. The writer inspires the college boy to start a life as an actor, and while the college boy gets recognition and fame, the writer thinks of himself as not good enough. This manga, according to the mangaka's notes, took 4 years to complete, and one can tell with how she improved in her art. I also like that, in spite of being 1 volume only, it develops quite nicely.

The title is "Turning Point".

Futari No Musuko Ni Nerawarete Imasu

Futari No Musuko Ni Nerawarete Imasu - Saeko Kamon The plot is icky, in spite of the no-blood relation, but still... Starts with a dub-con, the twins are pretty insistents, and the "dad" is weak and doesn't want to lose his "sons". If I have looked at the art only it would have being rated much higher, since the smut is super hot and there is even multiple DP **nosebleed**.

世界は君で廻ってる [Sekai wa Kimi de Mawatteru]

世界は君で廻ってる [Sekai wa Kimi de Mawatteru] - Chise Ogawa Six short stories, none of them was bad, and I like the art. But since they are all short (like, 2 stories have 2 chapters) it felt very incomplete...

- The False Barber. 2/5; not bad. Needed more feelings I think. And wth with a barber shop at school.
- The World Revolves around You. 2/3; a plain boy is considered cute by the most beautiful boy in school. It ended without a proper ending, hmph.
- Stupid and Beautiful. 2/3The pretty boy was a bit, well, stupid. He was flirty with the other boy instead of being straight forward. Still, it all ends well.
- Cheap Soul. 4/5; My favorite one, although it was a bit sad as well. The boy selling his body for 100 yen. All in all, both boys knew that it wasn't "selling" but still. The ending was adorable ("A Bright Future").
- Excellent Desert. 3/5; two boys who like deserts, although one of them likes them more, and the other one takes a bit of advantage of that.

純愛フェチズム [Junai Fetizm]

純愛フェチズム [Junai Fetizm] - Takashi Kanzaki, 神崎貴至 Apparently this is a sequel (I did not read the first one yet). It is about an established couple, both professors, who spend pretty much the entire manga doing it. Yes, it is explicit, and very hot, because it is not only smut but feelings as well, which is a great combo. But Natsu's brother was a big turn off (wtf) and the two neighbors were very annoying (the younger one, who looked like 12, was always or either spying on their sex life or asking to see when they were doing it... piss off, little boy!)

クロネコ彼氏の愛し方 1 [Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikata 1]

クロネコ彼氏の愛し方 1 [Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikata 1] - Aya Sakyo Not a fan of the Kakami's brother... he is an a**hole, but his little boy is so cute! And I love how protective is Kakami of Shingo... awwww, they are so romantic. And hot. Did I mention hot?? The mangaka is so talented with the details O_O is like watching the real thing... there is a bit of bdsm in their relationship but at the same time, it is very romantic.

Deadlock, Vol. 1

Deadlock, Vol. 1 - Yuh Takashina, Saki Aida For the art alone, I give this 5 stars! The boys are all beautiful, but Yuuto may be the prettiest of them all. I like the story, the author takes her time to build up the world inside of the prison (gangs, racism, etc)., but so far, the story between Yuuto and Dick has been so short! Like, they barely interact (Dick offered Yuuto to protect him in exchange of his body but Yuuto refused. So Dick has been pretty distant since then, boo).

I've been waiting for the translated novel and/or translation of the manga since forEVA... I need MOAR...

Blood Lad, Vol. 1

Blood Lad, Vol. 1 - Yuuki Kodama Very good manga, I'll continue reading this and maybe even watch the anime. It has everything a good shounen should have: battles, a likeable MC, comedy, nice side-kicks and an engaging plot. In spite of Staz being a vampire and the boss of the district in the demon world, he is funny and laid-back. And what is the best, he is an otaku, crazy about J-culture (manga, games, girls). He looks very much like Mephisto Pheles from [b:Blue Exorcist, Vol. 1|9876989|Blue Exorcist, Vol. 1 (Blue Exorcist, #1)|Kazue Kato||8097252]. In fact, the art is pretty good, kinda like BE, although the only character I don't like that much (how is portrayed and how is drawn) is the girl. I get that a girl (cute, with big breasts) is necessary sometimes in a shounen for the fanservice -I guess- but after reading so many with this same idea, I find it too annoying. I hate when the girl is just there to provide fanservice and zero contribution to the main story.

Anyway, besides that, it is entertaining and I like Staz and his sidekicks and not-so-sidekicks.

The Girl on the Train: A Novel

The Girl on the Train: A Novel - Paula Hawkins 3.5

Starts like a "unreliable narrators: women are crazy, men are stupid" thing.

Then, it is "men are way crazier, women are stupid and nuts".

A cheater is always a cheater. A liar is always a liar.

Only the other way around.

こんな男は愛される [Konna Otoko wa Aisareru]

こんな男は愛される [Konna Otoko wa Aisareru] - Rie Honjou, 本庄りえ I didn't need to check out who the mangaka was: her art is the same as the only other yaoi I've read of her and the premise is also kind of the same. A blond twink who manipulates his dark-haired bf. Said bf thinks the best of the twink, and although the twink is not a bad person, he is very cunning. I got to admit that at least, this one isn't in the least as hardcore as the other one. Plot-wise, it isn't much, just one guy (Retsu) very much in love with his bf (Kaji) and in spite of doing it a couple of times, he is still bashful around him. And that's it. But it is entertaining at least.

Mayou Otoko

Mayou Otoko - Shiuko Kano I did not like the extra story (the one with the two ghosts... seriously, it doesn't make any sense that two incorporeal men get it on), but the main one was pretty good, although I felt sorry for the dom most of the times. He was very smitten with the sub, but it seemed (for most part) that it was all physical for the sub only. And the thing with the sub and the girl really happened or was it all part of the dom's imagination? I hope that is the latter, because I hate this kind of stuff.

Only You

Only You - Asami Tohjoh It would have been an OK yaoi if it wasn't for the awful art and the fact that the seme keeps raping the uke. And the extra story was even more terrible: a teacher in a non-con relationship with his student. I hate stories with blackmail and rape, and it was trying to sell me as romance??

ワーキン - WORK in

ワーキン - WORK in - Tsuta Suzuki, Tsuta Suzuki Really, not a yaoi. Why? Because there is not "uke" nor "seme", nor rape, nor lust. In fact, this is a MM romance, and the kind I was looking for in books and couldn't find lately. There are two stories:

1) Iizuka, who is gay and everyone knows at his office and kind of avoid him, and when a new boss invites him for a drink, Iizuka comes out to him as well. It was a nice, realistic story. Iizuka falls for his boss and when he tries to forgets him, thinking it is unrequited, things changed. They both go to Iizuka's apartment (or was it the boss'?) and surprise! they don't jump into bed, but talk and confess each other their feelings. My complain would be that both of them looked very similar (both were dark-haired and tall-ish) so I was kind of confused a couple of times.

2) a single father falling for a gay guy for the first time (and coming out too even though his little girl knew about it beforehand). This one is my favorite because the story develops better than the first one. And overall it was super cute and surprise! once they both know they like each other, they don't jump into bed. Super cute, I wish it was longer.


Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson I am surprised at how good this was. I was skeptical before I started reading it: when I looked at the tags, I was "eh? dystopian? MEH" since I wasn't in the mood for this genre. So I was going to read the sample only, and boy, I was hooked from the first chapter. What a way to introduce the main characters! Our MC David is only 8 when he is in the bank with his father, and they meet 2 superheroes (or should we say, two supervillains). David witnesses his father's death, not before seeing than Steelheart, who is supposed to be invincible, bleeds from a gunshot. Steelheart, in order not to have any witness from this calamity, murders everyone, except David, who manages to escape.

Uf, what an introduction. Years later and David succeeds in joining forces with the Reckoneers, a group of rebels who try to vanish all the supervillains (the Epics). My enthusiasm diminished a little bit once David starts falling for Megan, one of the rebels and a super hot, super kick-ass girl (I wasn't in the mood for ANY romance), but never fear. It was a bit cute how nervous he was at times, and also that it was more of a crush than a romance. True, he is very much into the physical aspect ("she is so beautiful", "she has great eyes/hair/lips/etc.", but the action compensates this silly kind of stuff).

Every one of the team was great, and the best is that we are able to know each other. My, the action of this book! One battle after the other, and if there wasn't any gunshots and explosions, it was about them hiding, planning, car/bike chasing, etc. There is never a dull moment in the entire book. And what is best (maybe) is that David is as good or better than the others in the team: he has a brain, he can fight, he improvises and he is completely focus on his goal.

There is a moment where I was a bit let down, and it was when Megan died. Who would expect the MC's love interest to die? But in a way, it was also a bit refreshing since I never read that kind of premise before, and really, I wasn't looking for a romance. And just when I started to deal with it and be OK with it, Megan shows up, alive and kicking. I was, huh? couldn't the author have stick to his original idea? But then it all fit and once again, I had to congratulate the author.

I can only wonder, why wasn't I more into it? I mean, when I was reading it, I totally was, I couldn't put it down and it was very exciting. But when I wasn't reading it, I wasn't rushed to pick it up again. Reason why it took me longer than usual.

But, I totally recommend this. To anyone that enjoys stories with characters with superpowers, with a lot of action scenes, stories where revenge is the reason of living of the MC. Will I continue with the rest of the series? Probably not, since Steelheart is dead and I am not interested in following the "love story" between David and Megan and their angsty thingy.

Sherlock: A Study in Pink #1

Sherlock: A Study in Pink #1 - Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Jay Pilot and Ep. 1 of Season 1 are almost the same. I watched Ep. 1 twice, so I watched it 3 times in total. So I can safely say that this volume is exactly like Ep. 1; word by word, frame by frame. The drawing is pretty much like the real thing...except for Watson. I don't know why but in this version he looks like he is in constant pain/confusion. Martin Freeman does not have that funny nose, hmph. And ok, Lestrade is not that similar (although Anderson is), and Mycroft is only at times. But look at the cover, exactly the same. The way the illustrator captured Benedict Cumberbatch's expressions... amazing.

Basically, it is like reading the storyboard. Some things may be lost in the manga-format, like sympathy for certain characters (Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, etc.)